Spring & Pollen & Fun Times

Hey Everyone!

This week is FLYING by! Is it seriously already Thursday? Goodness!

I am up and semi-going this morning! I am meeting up with an itworks gal that lives close by to pick up some wraps today, so that is fun. I have to get David to get some money and bring to me at lunch. I am pretty excited about it πŸ™‚ I also HOPE HOPE HOPE to start tanning today or tomorrow. This is probably the latest I ever started but I kind of figure the later in the year I start the more through the summer I can go and the cheaper it will be? lol

I am making lots of positive changes in my life, like I wrote before last week. I did kind of have a failure with the main aspect I am working on, but I am back on track now πŸ™‚ I am drinking TONS of water too lol. Trying to get myself in gear and be healthier and happier with myself in general…which I have been doing good on the happy.. I think this is the first winter I have made it through in a long time I didn’t totally fall off the radar in the blog world. I did get a little bit slow but I stuck around..

I have 3 reviews I need to work on.. well.. actually 4 but I am going to delay it because 2 are for the same company pretty much and I don’t want them written so close together. Then there is one I can’t get a hold of my PR girl, one with a due date and one that I pretty much have indefinite time to get done lol. I kind of would like to knock them out and get going on something new!

I need to start taking my allergy medicine. I have to take Allegra or Claritin and unlike Zyrtec it kind of has to build up in your system for a few days. I should have started taking it when I first had it on my mind like .. oh last saturday I believe it was lol
Well this is a little bit shorter of a post than I planned on but.. I am gonna see if I can’t get a few things done in the house and then maybe work on the SIDEBAR/Subpages.. you know all that stuff I keep meaning to do lol It is SPRING so it should all start falling into place YAY
I am sure to blog again before the end of the day πŸ™‚

later gators…