ugh. its so boring around here today. I am very sleepy, because of the DREARY weather we have had for almost a week…

saturday was pretty dull. yesterday was pretty dull. you get the basic picture.

my parents were at m y grandma’s and my uncle went up there this weekend as well. well my uncle was supposed to send me three rolls of wedding pictures that he had found and got developed but he had an emergency sittuation thats pretty sad

he works for this guy as his security guard at his fancy schmancy farm, for a long time now. he gets 100 bucks a night everytime he goes over there and works. well this guy went away on a hunting trip and turns out he was allergic to bee stings. he got stung by one yellow jacket and only one time and he DIED. how sad is that? i think it is soo crazy and soo sad

anyways i really dont have anything else to say right now, so ciao


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    Yeah, stings from bees and wasps can be nasty business. Especially if they sting anywhere on the head, throat or chest area (even if you’re not allergic). Very sad to hear about your uncle’s friend/coworker 🙁