stretched thin

Right now it’s 4:45 p/m and i’m barely awake. I don’t know if things are starting to catch up with me or it’s the weather or all of the above but I can not do a darn thing today! Plus, I really need to try to get to class because I had to miss all of last week. UGH! I sent the dude over my classes an email and told him i’d try to make it tonight but honestly the only reason i’m tryin is because I am pretty sure if I don’t get there tonight it will be next thursday before I do! I also have this big pimple between my eye/nose and it will NOT pop. I feel attractive for sure!

I’m drinking coffee, gonna vaccuum the rug really quick and heat up some hamburger meat that I fried the other day and froze and make sloppy joes. I don’t know if the bread we have is all that great, so David might have to go out and buy some buns but whatever you know?

I have had a lot on my mind today, don’t know why. Just been one of those sit and obsess days.. I hate these days! It hasn’t been too bad but still… I think it goes to show that I just need some relaxation! A nice massage/warm bath and maybe a trip somewhere

well i know this was short but I wanted to do some sort of update!