Sunburn & Sass


DRlogofor AR

Hey Everyone!

Well- I spent yesterday catching up on posts for my blog challenge and the pictures for my pic challenge! We were so busy over the weekend i never had the chance to really get on and get anything done. I did back date them but Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all done yesterday. Now i need to do yesterdays and todays .> *sigh* πŸ™‚ it is all good though..

I have several other posts in mind to write, but i had to take a minute and write a general rambling one since i haven’t in a few days. i had started one thursday night and one yesterday but.. they just didn’t make my cut I guess πŸ™‚

I got a sunburn friday at Carowinds.. I think it was more like a cloud burn- you know that intermitent stuff which makes burning all the worse because you don’t even realize that you are getting burned! Anywho- it is not TOO bad for the most part, and it is bearable but I can’t wait for it to be gone at the same point! I don’t even know the last time i even had a sunburn! I know a few years back I got burned at the tanning bad so bad I blistered because they didn’t tell me they changed bulbs, but an actual sun sunburn- goodness even knows!

Thursday night when we were getting ready to leave the Daughtry concert, I had some messages show up that were on my facebook page for Autumn Rain – you know where no one ever posts anything no matter what I write lol. Anyways someone had the nerve to go on a bender about my gofundme- which is cool beans – I don’t mind I know how people are.. However say your peace and move on- don’t keep going and comment and basically tell me I need to stay at home since I am BEGGING FOR MONEY. The gofundme was originally for when David and I were trying to come up with a down payment for a house and we changed it to try to just make it between checks when the house thing didn’t work out. It had been shared MAYBE 4x total in 2 months. I never even blogged it so yeah- I wasn’t really BEGGING lol.

I won’t get into it so much- I think I am gonna make a FOR REAL post on the whole thing- probably password protected.. but- if you don’t know me- then that really isn’t your place. 99% of the time I AM AT HOME.. and YEAH. i am a bit more sassy and all that lately so.. I ranted and raged for the rest of that night – I don’t see how someone who doesn’t know me/my situation/etc needs to be like that.

David has been picking on me lately and say that I am being Mouthy lol but seriously I just get sick of being pushed over and keeping my mouth shut on some stuff so I am kind of going with it. It is different and kind of fun lol.

Today it is already so HOT out – I am talking at 10:30 it had to be 100 in the shade- I was out with Marley and UGH.. I am trying to keep hydrated and keep the fur babes the same way and keep us all cool to boot. I pretty well keep all of our shades except the one in the bedroom closed to help combat it.

I am giving my last pass i have left to carowinds to my mom and I hope she will go at least make the physical card and go do some of the tame stuff like the carousel and the bumper cars and such πŸ™‚ I kind of want her to have it in case I were to need to go through the week because I don’t want to drive in charlotte and I don’t want to have to go alone and have to have David have to use vacation…

well.. I am out- the day is going fast! David has already been home for lunch and i haven’t even barely got going πŸ™‚ later gators