T-Mobile Broadband BEBES :)

We are now using T-Mobile Broadband. It is a tad bit slower than the AT&T was but the usage #’s are much more accurate. plus T-Mobile hasn’t switched over to the 3G network yet. as the guy at the store said it will just be getting better 🙂

Now I am waiting to get the 100 bucks we paid for the AT&T modem back. (We paid in cash.how stupid of us right?) Now we have to have a check mailed to us because it was over 50 bucks. the only thing was we would have got the whole 100 back on a rebate. now with T-mobile i have actually had to spend 50! lol. but it works so can’t complain

I could complain about verizon till the end of all time. I dont think i should have to pay the 175 cancellation fee. its their damn fault it wouldnt work! but hell it will all work out in the end. my usuage had just reset on Thursday (13th) the internet was seriously down about all day. I might have been on a little friday on the mac b4 we took it back, but the saturday and sunday we werent on at all. so in that time period i think i should get prorated or something! hopefully!

I am enjoying my new computer, but since it was verizon and not vista, I wouldn’t have ever had to get rid of the other one. like i said i know what i got is better, and i am in <3 with it but thats not the point. I am trying to figure out the whole windows 7 upgrade process. I think it will take me and several freaking lawyers to get that done lol. i hope i end up liking it better than vista, which now i can't say vista was so bad, since it wasn't vista as my problem i am so much more into being online now though than i was, since i have a better connection. and a better computer. and now i dont have BFH for two days a week 🙂 want to to do a v-log soon. i heard some of you all really enjoyed those lol who knows might do some more sections on here. i dunno ...wont promise nothing lol more latter ng '


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    Wow you certainly have been having trouble figuring out what company you’re using. I hope everything gets sorted and you get everything set up!