Today has been the longest day ever! I woke up around 9:30 with a sore back/neck and never did manage to go to sleep. I posted some reviews on grits. Then..my day is a blur…I have managed to make it to 4:15 and I can’t tell you where the day has went!

I hate to say this will be the first Wed. Night since Z’s (the restaurant/bar that I usually go to) has had their outdoor concert this season that I probably won’t be attending. For certain reasons that really suck (and, no actually money has nothing to do with it!) The concerts are free and one of my favorite local bands is going to be up there. I just need to avoid a temptation..:( I can’t wait to have certain things over and done with so I can live MY LIFE MY WAY.

I don’t know I might go and do what I want anyways, or I might go and avoid what I am supposed to avoid. It would be easier to stay home.. but like I say I really enjoy the band and it’s cool out and it’s still something to do!

I had to break down a few minutes ago and make some fries for me to eat. I hated to do it this close to dinner, but meh.. I was starved for some reason! I am making tacos for david and  wasn’t really feeling them for myself..So I guess it really didn’t matter.

I am about to drag myself offline, call my mom, charge my phone and try to put away some of my clothes and MAYBE vacuum the living room rug. we’ll see though!


Later Gators…