ok so wed. i went with david as he went to work and I was gonna go shopping with my grandma, my mom and my cousin but when david called me to say hey he was pitching a fit about going home right after he got off at noon. so needless to say it didnt go over to well with me trying to work on a rush when he knows I dont ever get to see my family! i was crying all over the place and was so pissed I stayed at home with my dad and my grandpa. then he started being a pain again later in the afternoon and we got into it AGAIN.

we finally got over it … well at my moms that night my uncle and my cousin (who isnt his kid) got into it over her and his kids playing monopoly  and my cousin that he yelled at ovr this stupid stuff stayed up crying all night.(i didnt know what the fihgt was over at first and I almost asked who wanted to play monopoly yesterday lol)

well yesterday went ok…. duke is sick with his stomach …and my dad was pissing me off tlaking about how he thinks duke is mean or something I cant even remember.

anyways today i got up at 4 a.m went to circuit city best buy walmart. I really only got house season 3 but walmart had the exact same photo printer as me for half price! (89 vs 49) so we rushed around after we found out they had one left and got them exchanged. see i MADE money on black friday lol

ok well david went to get his bro ( will not GO THERE) so i’m gonna go try to find something to drink (we need to go to store so bad) so more latter!