Thanksgiving 2012 :D


well, I made it to middle of no where virginia and back safely! WOOT WOOT! We made it there and back in about 4 hours and 20minutes both trips.  We left here at 6 a/m and left to come back around 4 p/m.

I was really excited to go because like I said, I hadn’t been since christmas last year. I almost had to have words with my mom from the get go though.  I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, and even if I have, it is worth mentioning again. I do NOT get along with my dads family very well, with the exception of my Aunt Sandra & Uncle Lonzo and my cousin Parker. And that’s because they are similar to my parents and parker is only 4 months older than me.

Anyways, for the past few years everytime my moms family has had an event/holiday his annoying brother R and his Mom (and flat out I call her my dads mom. she is NOT my grandma by any of my standards) show up. Well, this go around wasn’t any exception to that ..

Now think about it. We travel 4 1/2 hours to my grandparents house. WHO THE HECK DO YOU THINK I AM THERE TO SEE???? As soon as I walk in the door my mom is sitting at the table with my dads mom and she’s all making eyes at me to say hi, and give her a hug. I was already determined that there was no way in heck that was happening and proceeded to ask where my grandma was, and I saw her walk through the living room. At various other points in the day his mom tried to talk to me but I acted like I didn’t hear her.

Also, my mom kept telling me to show her pics I was showing my grandma and stuff. I was like COME OFF IT MOM she knows my feelings, and she knows why I feel the way I do. …anyways I managed to not loose it, and not really having to interact with her thank GOD.

Basically My dads family hasn’t ever wanted to have ANYTHING to do with me, and well after 28 years the feeling is mutual.

Anyways, a fun time was pretty much had by all. My grandma sent me home with 2 boxes of food! 🙂

Look for more details/pics to follow soonest (hopefully!)