Thanksgiving 2013, Sans Pictures. Pictures Possible Later.. ;)

So How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Mine was pretty alright!

I got up early, got my hair straightened and managed find something to wear that actually didn’t make me look like a total fat butt! I even managed to match up my sweater and headband wahoo!  Marley got to go too and stay in my moms laundry room I swear she is going soft lol. She never let my last dog do that!  EVER.

Anyways we had a big meal with chicken and the works. I will try to dig up some pictures and share in another post after while 🙂

We had invited David’s dad and brother but his brother was OBSESSED with being back over here  at 3 to wait in line at walmart for a ps4, and I wasn’t in the mood to be rushed. Go figure though, because we got back here right at 3 lol.

I took a late evening nap, and then I found out that Walmart was going to have a couple of cameras that I wanted to check out so we dropped marley over at David’s dads. It was a bust though because they had let people get into the stuff early and it was total chaos. I have been doing black friday with david for 7 years and no worries but this was the biggest mess that I have ever saw in my life!

I considered buying one of the two cameras online but I did have to buy that battery this week so I changed my mind!

Well I am out for now to see what else I can get into today!  More in a bit I am sure!