thanksgiving plans.


omg. I am up way early again ..the sleep issues are running wild the last few days.

I got up sometime around 8 and took a shower. I figured it might chill me out so I could go back to sleep ..I went ahead and washed my hair so either way it could dry, therefore allowing me to fix it later. Ha Ha. I laid back down till a little after 9 and was like ok..this isn’t happening so I got up!

I’ve been playing aorund the net ..watching friends..drinking coffee.

I have pretty much decided we aren’t going to go to virginia for thanksgiving. It just isn’t panning out.I mean i’ll probably feel guilty about it *probably why i’m not sleeping that great right now. but meh. It is a long trip just get there turn around and come back. Even if we left when david got off work.. yah.

I need to write 2 reviews least 1 if at all possible. I really want to straighten up some things around the house..I’m not going to try to do too much today because it will be a long week/weekend if I don’t save some things to do!

I made it around and commented most everyone that had a new blog up since i’d been by 🙂  Yay Me! lol

well i’m out for now. i’ll do a better post latter..