the day before

Still not excited about my birthday lol
david went to get an inspection sticker on my car on saturday. instead of going to the place my parents/I have always went he had to do it his way. he took it to some joe blow smoe and they found all this stuff that was supposedly wrong with my car. which of course my dad is a mechanic and keeps my car up pretty much. so david knew they were full of it.
they had a list of repairs a mile long. talkin bout tires,belts, lights, bleeding the brakes, all kindsa crap
and the dumbasses even said my signal lights were out.when in fact my signal lights on that car aren’t even where they were looking! and they POPPED out my lights instead of doing it correctly and david lost one of them going down the road! and the other one would have fell off as well if he hadn’t checked.
so anyways we did switch some tires around . and that was all the problem we had.
anyways i got my sticker, or lack there of (nc doesnt do stickers anymore/?? i dont get it either)
ok i promise i will write more latter and stuff. been kinda not in a net mood but i’ m getting over it. i’m helping mom with some family history stuff /and an yahoo group she joined.
my stats are still broke 🙁
ok ciao