The original post for today!

Hey Everyone..Long time no update!

Last week I had a cold ALL WEEK. Yup I sure managed to catch Dav’s cold! I am pretty much still getting over it at this point.. I still have a bad cough going on!  I had a different variety of the cold EVERY DAY. Some days I had a sore throat, some days it was coughing, low headache.. just all kinda crazy stuff! I am happy that I have managed to fight it on off for the most part thankfully!

This week is pretty ho hum for the most part.. I have been wanting to get into our storage thingy out on the patio but Dav won’t move his freaking bike out of my way so I can get in there and I can’t move it myself because I am sure something will get screwed up on it if I even breathe near it. I really need a few things out of there so he is just gonna have to move it for me at some point this weekend whether he likes it or not!

Tuesday we decided to go to this special church service and basically Dav decided it last minute. We knew about it, and I had asked him if he wanted to go and he kept saying he guessed not because it was about 45 min away (with evening traffic) and so instead of getting up and getting my mom to come over and get me early so I could get my hair colored and fixed I went ahead and just went on my normal routine. Well…I kind of had this feeling  that he would change his mind so I didn’t really get into anything or eat lunch until I heard from him so I could be sure (because if i went to my moms i could get somethin awesome for lunch lol). Anyways.. guess who was right?

I quickly had to throw myself into find all the thngs I would need to get ready at my moms mode.. had to take Marley out and all that good stuff too. David ended up getting off work at 5 , coming back to the house to get cleaned up and then met me at my moms to eat dinner. We left a little bit early and it as a good thing too!  Our naviagation brought us in a back way.. it was crazy because we new the gist of basically where we were going but not the last few steps and that is where it messed us up! We ended up parking in this totally crazy back parking lot and having to walk FOREVER to get to the entrance! we BARELY made it and had to sit practically in the last row!  i’d say there were about 1500 or so people who were there too!

it was fun, but honestly with the weather and how it is so dark so early I was not as excited as I could have been! we managed to get out before 9.. actually we got to the car and wer leaving right at 9 ..I still don’t kow how we managed to park so far away! Thankfully we got back to my moms about 935 and picked up Marley and came on home. I can’t tel lyou  how nice it is that my parents actually help us ou when we need it and they lo having marley over, unlike some people I know!

I wsh we could ave stayed for the meet n greet with our pastor and his wife but we would have been WAY late with all people who were there and everything! Maybe next time!

Today my only real plan was to try to get up a blog post and I have accomplished this by 8 a/m so.. lol. It is so dark and like 34 outside as well! I don’t know if I am getting up early or going back to sleep or what! I have been doing my normal routine for thistime of the year and going back to bed but the last two days I have ended up feeling like UGH for doing that!  I guess we will see how it goes! I am currently blogging from the ipad with two fur babes cuddled up beside me! They are truly my fur enablers when it comes to burrowing and sleeping!

well.. I will catch ya’ll later gators