The Peak Blogging Time Of Year for me is def. here :)

Hey Everyone

Well Yesterday I woke up about 330 a/m and was WIDE Awake. I should have got up and worked on all the stuff that I was wanting to work on and was laying there thinking about but I didn’t.. I ended up staying up right through when David left for work at 7 and then by 11 I felt like ..YUCK… I think the going to bed late on the weekends + allergies and then going on the 3 hours of sleep hit me hard! I tried to take a quick nap and hope it would help but it didn’t.. I ended up  taking another nap around 2 for about an hour and it didn’t help either! So needless to say getting back into my going to bed early/watching tv/cuddles thing def. happened last night and I wanted to stay up when David left this morning but I decided to treat myself  and let myself rest 🙂

Things are REALLY picking up with my reviews and I am going to have to SERIOUSLY get on the ball. I am not allowing myself to pitch for anything else until I catch up!  Actually I kind of had one review that I had applied for that I got denied for come back out of the blue and approve me and one I was kind of just putting off lol.

However, I am also going to be updating my media kit and some of my review requirements and what not- for example I will be requiring a $50 minimum in products unless it is a special circumstance where I am working with an individual /crafty sort of person then I will be doing that case by case. I also will no longer be accepting a reviews that have requirements of due dates/instructions with out knowing before the item is received .. I  have had 3 instances of getting a product to my door and then 4 pages or more of elaborate instructions after the fact…or a crazy due date// I work within 6-8 weeks time and most of the time sooner , but I am going into the busy time of the year so better to get all that stuff up front and know what I am looking at and get it all placed in my schedule in advance!

I used to knock out a couple of reviews in a days time on the weekend days, and I need to get back to that on the days when I don’t have a whole lot going on.. which is kind of getting to be rare , especially here in the next few months but I will get it all figured out .. I was actually in bed last night writing out my elaborate list of when things need to be done and various things that need done on all 3 of my online projects  and the house 🙂 I really do love this time of year with blogging! It is so thriving and fun unlinke the winter which is generally totally dead- no wonder I hibernate. Of course it is my ultimate goal to stay up this time of the year – early winter months when David leaves for work and get lots of things done before noon even!

I used to take the evenings off with blogging and I still might end up doing that but honestly we don’t do all that much in the evenings anyways so I might just start giving myself a few hours in the evening to get things done depending on what it is. I might go back to some sort of version of  office hours but I am not sure yet. This time of the year my sleep schedule really gets crazy so- I will prob be doing a lot of the staying up at night thing too:)

Well right now I am off to take Marley out, check the mail and have some lunch and then get going! Hopefully maybe I can get some reviews with giveaways because I have not had one in a while. I am not really big on them, but I know it can help perk a place up 🙂

later gators-