The week of the 4th

DRlogofor ARHey Everyone
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine sure didn’t go the way THAT I planned for it to! It is all good though! David’s dad and bro ended up coming over Saturday and stayed.. and stayed..and stayed.. we were both like um… o.k please go home we have things to do lol.

Yeseterday we ended up going to eat at Jimmy Johns, and then we went in Victoria secret so I could spend my gift card that I have had for a while there and then some lol. I ended up with several things but what sucks is the nightgown I got ended up having a hole in it so I have to take it back…I think it might have happened when they pulled the security tag out or something.

With us having that concert Thursday evening this week I am trying to see if David can get Thursday off of work/ off early in general if that won’t work… that way we won’t be so rushed / maybe we could go to the park that day. I know it is short notice and all that but we will see!

I also went to walmart yesterday and snagged a few things we needed. don’t get me wrong we needed lots more but I tried to go with the bare minimum..luckily I still have a little $$ left to get a few things with later on. I was figuring that we would need sandwiches and such when we go to carowinds in general so I saved back a bit on what I got because of that.

Of course David gets paid this week but it is the RENT/INSURANCE/CAR PAYMENT due check so .. there won’t be much to spare where he missed some of his overtime. I know the insurance would be just a couple days late but I don’t want to start making a habit out of that but we’ll see. I know the next pay period like NOTHING other than our go phone and our car payment is due so I will def take advantage of that with going FOR REAL grocery shopping .. and hopefully we can put half of rent back /something like that and then we can be a bit ahead from here on out.

I am on this DEEP mission to feel better about myself and try to eat a little better- sometimes i don’t think it is so much what we eat but that we don’t do anything exercise wise. Thought about trying to walk like I did last summer but I am seriously scared i’ll have an asthma attack because of the humidity as it is so.. might just go to the gym at the clubhouse or something. I also do want to eat a few better things and all of that- i guess that is kind of why I didn’t really bother to buy snack food at all yesterday other than some ice cream! I need to get my butt to the tanning bed too so I am checking to see if i have enough lotion where I can make it until i can get more…I also want to start doing my hair (straightening it_ ) again-it hasn’t been straight in over a month!

I also of course need to have the elusive yardsale- I guess it might be time to make a “for real” sweep through everything including clothes and that outside closet. I don’t have much planned/to do this week so that is a very real possibility. If David hadn’t invited his dad and bro over (seriously- i think he regretted it instantly) for the 4th – I might would try to have it then. So- we’ll see how it goes

Right now I am gonna find some coffee and see what I can get into.. I know I have to take marley out and hopefully our mail runs on time today and I get what I am looking for in the mail. Other than that.. who knows? 🙂 I will catch ya later gators