the weirdest day

today has been a weird day…
my mom ended up coming over today to take me to the store (I would have prefered tommorow, but can’t complain I suppose)

she got here around 9:30. I was out in the middle of the yard looking for my cell phone that fell out of my pocket while walking duke (as huge as this phone is, I don’t see how i wouldnt have realized it)

so after i found that we went over to the school to pay my printing bill where i printed way over 125 pages last week that i’m allowed. well they don’t have the overages sheet yet so i can’t pay it.

then we went to the library so my mom could get some kind of information on some kind of online geneaology site

we went to walmart and i got a few things we needed at home like laundry detergent and dish soap…

went to goodwill .. ok this is where i need to back up and tell you something from yesterday. yesterday I watched roseanne, as i do alot after I get home from class its the only thing on basicly(i only get regular tv) anyways there was a guy on this episode that was selling stuff door to door and roseanne let him in for some water. he sat down at her kitchen table..and put his head down and died!

ok so we go in the goodwill and theres this older guy sitting at a kitchen table set in the back, with his head down. i thought it was odd and i said something to my mom and told her about that episode from yesterday. lets just say the sittuation didnt sit well with me (sometimes i’m a little sensative to things)

well we continued to shop. we were in the pants section and i was looking for capris and i mentioned to my mom that guy was still sitting all of a sudden here comes a stretcher. i was like OH MY GOD.

ok heres something else about me i don’t tell very often
when i was about 8 or 9 i saw a lady that was run over by a truck and got killed.
we were at my aunts for a party and me and a bunch of my cousins were playing in the pool and my mom was hearing shreiking..and she thought it was a bunch of us out there playing so she ignored it. well i didnt feel good or “right” so i got out of the pool. well i can’t remember exactly how but i guess the screaming kept up so my mom and some of my aunts and uncles went to check it out and the lady next door was an older lady. they lived on a hill. when her son was backing out of the driveway to take her somewhere she jumped out and the truck ran over her heart!  and like i say i am extremely sensative and i was like freaking the rest of the day.

so this dude didnt die today. but he was having chest pains.

then my mom and i went to the grocery store and then dollar tree. and some girls were runing their mouth on me and my mom! my mom didnt hear them. but we cut in front of them…and they were bitching because we didnt say excuse me. but whatever! they were turning around to go back down the aisle the other way! it was crazy

well davids home so i got to go