Things get scary when you can’t breathe :(

Hey Everyone !! The last few days I have been having some major coughing fits but really hadn’t thought much about them because I figure it was allergies/colds and I still know that is atleast part of the problem I got going on.. stick with me lol

I don’t know if you remember when David and I first moved I spent nearly 3 weeks or longer with these god awful hacking fits and not being able to get a deep breath. We chalked it up to the carpet ..maybe it had been treated with something before we moved in or whatever …and thankfully I made it through.. lots of sitting on the patio/humidifier/etc.

Sunday night i started having the feeling about not being able to get deep breaths but I just figured it was a quick passing thing and didn’t really think more about it. We went to walmart and when I Came home i spent like an hour and a half on the phone with my grandma..started coughing some and still that lingering can’t get a deep breath thing ..tried to take a shower but didn’t help..finally ended up taking a half of  a benadryl because i know that it is kind of like when you have a cold and can’t breath properly  and if you can just quit fighting it and go to sleep you will be o.k.

Well sometime around 3 Monday I woke up and never could get back to sleep and i was like omg hello i took a bendaryl seriously? I ended up coming in the living room with sam and a blanket and my huge stuffed strawberry short cake doll. I was mostly up and down on the recliner hacking and what not until about 445 or so. I remember I went and got the ipad because I was like o.k. sitting here staring is a bit boring lol. Anyways sometime another close to 530 I remember pushing the recliner back and burrowing to go to sleep.

OF COURSE David’s alarm goes off at 630 so I woke up.. I tried to get back in the bed when he left but everything started up again.. about 8 I texted David that if it kept up I didn’t have a problem walking across the parking lot to urgent care!  When he texted me back I had managed to fall asleep and I had the volume around 9:30 he came home to check on me. I slept a little bit more between then and 10:30 but nothing major..

I kind of did better for the rest of the day ..Charter came and hooked up our tv and all of that.  I was really wore out and sore but I felt like everything was gonna be alright.. until about a little after 7 yesterday evening. I started to wheeze and panic and couldn’t shake it. I ended up calling my mom and when she put me on the phone with my Dad i started crying and they ended up going out to walgreens for me and talking to the pharmacist too. I was too scared to be alone and I didn’t want to leave the house either.

They told my mom that it sounds like some sort of Asthma , which I totally believe because I spent some of that time looking up the symptoms yesterday morning. I took a dose of meds and within an hour I wasn’t wheezing/hacking and could breathe normally.

To me I am most scared with the part where I panic + no one is at home.. and I spend a good part of the day alone!

I can take a dose every 4 hours but I am trying to only take them when I really need them.. I have only took 2 of the 6 doses I could have taken at this point. I only took the one this morning because I felt a little panicky when David had to leave. I will most likely take one late this evening in hopes to sleep through the night.

I am WORE WORE WORE out more than I ever have been in my life. I am sleeping and sleeping deep but with the sitting up/panic/etc I just quite am not rested enough. Plus I can’t have any caffeine so.. yeah that sucks!

If It does keep up very much longer I will have it checked for sure. Right now I am pretty confident what I am doing is what I need to be doing. Like I say I did this for 3 weeks straight if not longer when we first moved here with out any sort of meds to help 🙁 I spent one morning collapsed in the floor by the humidifier .. I also believe that this is not a sudden thing as I can remember having very light versions of these episodes for at least 12 years or more…

I have spent today trying to rest..I don’t think I have ate anything today- I think i had 2 cups of apple cider.. and I don’t even really know that I ate yesterday either (maybe a couple bites of tot casserole and a small bowl of soup). I am hoping we can grab something good for dinner.. I am just not sure I want to go out!

Anyways… that’s whats up with me!  Hope your week is going better than mine!