Things looking different?


Hey there everyone! I woke up in this major “I want Autumn-Rain and BE-Society overhauled” mood and well.. I am currently working on it! The lovely charli adapted my old theme and made this one for me a few weeks back before the move and I just now had the urge to change it. I need a little bit of help as I plan to go back to 2 sidebars and get some new social media widgets up, so watch for that! Today will probably be spent perking up the site and joining in on various hops and whatnot. The warm weather and this apartment has just done wonders for my spirit. That and the no more court thing 🙂 I can’t wait to spend the summer blogging and getting things done! I hope I never have the stupid urge to take MONTHS at a time off of blogging ever again. I promise I will get all the linkys from the week up that I missed (i think lol) as well as a brand new one we are doing at BE on Fridays now here in a few. This was basically just a test post for bloglovin’ Later Gators