things to do b4 trip

This is probably my last post before I leave for the holidays! I will be leaving sometime tomorrow,and I won’t be back till sometime on Thursday evening…I will have extremely limited internet will suck on that level lol.

Anyways, lets see what’s been going on with me? Saturday I went to my parents as usual, we had a really big cubed steak lunch/ was nice! Then I got this novel idea to try to go to kohls to find something to wear for my trip/thanksgiving. HA. It was a nightmare. I tried on more than my share of Jeans and sweatpants and nothing worked out! I even went to target and looked around..nothing! I am seriously considering getting that zumba game for the wii and work on it and some wii fit!

Nothing really to speak of went on through the weekend..sunday I was SO freaking sick with a cold.. I had to take zicam and sleep most of the day. I was like um..did I just not get over a cold? it sucked! thankfully I only had to take one dose of zicam. I take the clear kind (liquid) and it positively tastes vile, i don’t care what they is not tasteless!

Yesterday I went to family dollar and got an outfit. thats right family dollar. then I went to goodwill and tried on 500 pairs of jeans.. ended up with one pair and a shirt. whee.

Today I have 500 things to do in the house…clothes, dishes, doing my hair(oh boy..gotta wash it and let it dry, then straighten it) straighten up the house basically…gather up things for trip, change purses and on and on.. lol you get the picture.

well i’m out for now..if i have a chance to blog latter /anything to blog about I will..if not i’ll catch you all when I get back!!