this is the cold that won’t end

I am absolutely fed the hell up with this cold. I mean I felt like crap (run down) before I even got the flippin’ thing and now for the last week and a half it has been going full force.

It started out as a HEAD cold went to a CHEST cold and now went back to a HEAD cold. What kind of CRAP is this? UGH

I am seriously so cranky i can’t hardly stand myself. and honestly I feel like noone cares. I mean i can’t breath. my chest hurts. my head hurts. and guess what …david/my mom don’t even bother to act like they care BLAH!

I just got my latest package from babeland to review. A Jopen Vanity v9 vibe, a doc johnson pop plug and a lelo massage oil. good times 🙂

I finally caught up with grits. I only have 1 review to post and 2 links of authors to add *yayy*

I swear with the weather around here it is no wonder i’m sicker than a dog. it rains and is warm and rains and is cold. and then you have a warm sunny day in the middle. it is pure junk!!

well it’s time to go wash the dishes and prob start dinner. i don’t know if i have the energy. seriously. but i’m gonna try!

<3 ya