This that and a bag of.. chips. I mean cookies. ;)

I know I am all about the blogging today and I am loving it! I seriously have missed doing this on a normal capacity, and I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things! I have a giveaway coming up that should be live today or tomorrow hopefully, and I am looking into finding some old message board topics I used to do and converting them into my own writing challenge πŸ™‚ I had to unfortunately forgo my project 365 because my memory card that I was using broke and I lost a ton of pics that hadn’t been uploaded just yet. Some of them I know what they were and probably could retake them but.. not sure..I might just continue on and do it as my version in how many pics I can get in, in the years time instead of one a day? I dare to be different ALWAYS πŸ™‚

I really am glad that winter is coming to an end and we will have some nice warm and sunny days , which are what I thrive on. My depression was really extra special yucky this winter, and it always is worse in the winter but man this year took the cake. I am kind of on this new thing where I just take things one day at a time and it has really seemed to help! I tend to over worry and I have just always been like this runs in my family really deep too, so what can I do ? I Take my st johns wort and make the best of things!

I probably am way too excited about the possibility of moving closer to my parents and davids work …I love our apartment but it is just silly all the wasted time and gas that David spends with traveling , especially if there is a way we can make it work otherwise. We are trying to wait till my court date is over and then Davids vacation will reset so I can have him to help me a little more with packing and what not this go around.

I really am looking forward to the weekend and seeing family though as well. I know Marley will have a blast getting to meet everyone, and everyone is looking forward to meeting her as well. She really does do well with Traveling and I figure she will likely sleep a good portion of the 5 hr trip.I don’t know if we will leave Friday evening or go up on Saturday or what at this point, we haven’t really decided just yet. I know my grandma said that if we do come up Friday evening, if I call her when we are about an hour out she will make my favorite meal for me! Fried Potatoes(no one makes them like her!) Mixed Pickles, Onions and fried bread. YUM!

David has been having so many problems with his family on both sides like I mentioned before.. They do him so wrong and use him and it isn’t right and one of these days we are all gonna have some words with them about it. Like I say it isn’t nothing new but it is just seemingly always something with those folks! Recently it is even more, and it is getting more deep rooted lol. When we move though, they won’t have anyone to haul them here there and yon, and pretty much they already have made david so aggravated they already have lost that so..

I also had fun being with my mom yesterday. We haven’t really been going over there as much as normal so it was fun to get to be there and out of the house and all of that good stuff.

Well, I think it is time for some coffee and I am going to make a list of different things I would like to do on this site and on BE that way I can better contain all my thoughts πŸ™‚ I will catch ya’ll later gators πŸ™‚