This Week- Really? lol

DRlogofor AR

Phew.. This week has been.. um.. busy? different? stressful?

Monday was a typical monday for the most part…  I just was trying to get whatever done that was left over from the weekend. Oh and read because I was having my dork out over my books 🙂 Anyways, I got some – unsettling news that afternoon. It isn’t OMG HORRIBLE or anything- I mean it isn’t good at all but yeah that kinda took the wind out of my sails. Lets just say I got some paperwork delivered to my moms (which is DUMB because I don’t live there and they knew i didn’t) but I had to get her to bring it over and call a lawyer.

Tuesday I waited for my lawyer appointment pretty well all day. I wanted to get up early- I was wide awake but I didn’t want to stress all day so I went back to sleep. My appointment was originally was for 1 and david was going to come home at lunch to take me so we could both deal with this issue but the appointment got rescheduled for 2. Anyways we got lots of answers and options and I feel TONS better than I did originally and have a clearer track on what to do. We ended up going to my moms and we didn’t realize how early it was but it was cool because I got to clean out my bookshelf (one of them) a little bit and pick some new books to bring home lol. I had already read tons of the ones i brought home last week so I did a trade out. We also had dinner over there and I got to see my dad.

Wed. David came home at lunch.. in the mean time my mom called and wanted to come over and check out our fitness room up at the clubhouse- I have never been up there really and David had once but anyways I was like whatever thats cool come on. I had been planning to start working out there at some point since I pay for it and don’t use it lol. Well.. they had weights, a treadmill an step thingy and a excercise bike and she was all excited talking about working out up there with me at 7 a/m and i was like um.. lol. I didn’t right out say NO but lets say I was NOT doing cartwheels.

Anyways – we went on out to walmart and to aldi and got a few things and whatever. I was o.k whatever on the workout thing like i say.. I am not a morning person this summer we all have figured out by now.  I figure she takes me to the store and is helping me out with paying the lawyer and such so fine. .. let it be it probably won’t last long anyways.NO BIGGIE really.

Lo and Behold I HAPPEN to bring up why can’t we do it in the evening and she proceeds to tell me it is because she is SO busy in the evenings and what not. We all know I am a sarcastic person so I happened to reply that I was SO busy in the mornings (which if i am up is true I get more done that way but anyways) she went into this MOOD on me about WELL NEVER MIND THEN I KNEW THIS WOULDN’T WORK OUT and I was like OK Umm.. and then she said I GUESS I WILL TALK TO YOU TOMORROW and hung up. Well I am like Umm.. what just happened here?

I messaged her on FB and got nowhere. she wouldn’t answer and I was like o.k I am gonna check in the morning then.. and she finally messaged me and it was all how she knew I wouldn’t do anything and la la la and that she would just join a gym and all this mess and i’m like look I didn’t say I wouldn’t go you are acting crazy… finally I just had to say o.k whatever man I am not gonna beg you!

Yesterday I got the cold shoulder … one liner phone conversations-it was really annoying. I tried to just be perky and normal and act like I didn’t know what was going on. She has acted like this in the past and usually it is the night before and then the next day nothing of it. She was even putting passive aggressive stuff on FB and I was like o.k whatever man. I had planned to work on the blog but it was pretty glitchy until the afternoon so I mostly just read the day away.

Today I couldn’t go back to sleep so I am up drinking coffee and listening to music and just seein what the day brings. I know we won’t be doing anything this weekend other than home activities.. we might get to go to church if we have enough gas but other than that.. I will prob be blogging/cleaning out stuff and whatever and thats fine too I am hopeful my mom is in a better mood but honestly who knows. I honestly don’t have time for her being this petty over something so stupid!

more later gators