Throwback Thursday #TBT #throwbackthursday : Me & My First Cat (Tom) Edition


This is me and my cat tom from when I was a little girl. I am about 3 in this pic. Yes.. he is almost impossible to see because he was solid black except for the smidgen of white on his throat, and lets face it we didn’t have digital photos back in the day. This pic actually when it was scanned makes him a bit easier to see than the printed version!  He was an awesome first cat! He was actually my uncles cat but he ran away to my house because there were other cats kicking his butt!

My dad started feeding him fresh milk and he toughened up and he was quite the fellow! I used to carry him all the time .. I can always hear in my head my dad telling me to “put him down, he’s a cat , let him walk ” lol.