time of the month blahs

You’d think i’d be excited that my period is comming at a normal time all on its own.. but you’d be wrong. It’s a pretty rough one, and its taking all that I have in me (which isnt much) out of me. I just am glad that its not me having HPV problems, but I wish I was pregnant. ha ha like thats gonna happen!

moving on. david is all obssessed with watching “cars” and I just really don’t care. he needs to go to the store and pick up something for him to take for lunch tommorow instead.

@michelle in that picture of me and david he has his wireless thermomator in his lap and a box of candy that my mom and dads neighbors made for us (I cant eat it cuz i’m allergic to peanuts)

Ok later gators… gonna go find some naporsen, but i’m not sure that I have any!

xo ng


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    Cars as in the movie? Haha I like that movie a lot.. I love the moral lesson and stuff.

    Anyway advance happy new year, Nichole! 🙂

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    Cars, the movie? I haven’t seen that one yet but I heard it’s great. Glad to hear it’s nothing serious. Advance Happy New Year!