touching base on a monday

Hi Everyone!

Well I took the weekend off from blogging, obviously! I didn’t really get into too much…Friday we took Marley to get her a bath, so we got to get out of the house for a little while and that was nice! We got to go out to eat and all that good stuff. Saturday I do not remember at all and then yesterday we went to my moms and my mom actually let Marley stay in the house in the laundry room!

I was actually happy that on Friday I got a review up 🙂 That’s for my haters that like to troll me and say I am “pathetic” because I seem to always be behind, and they have a blog with reviews, and they are apparently always on top of things. Yes, some twit actually left that comment on here!  I am sorry I have 2 blogs, a facebook group, depression, and a real life! I usually do not respond or bring up those kinds of comments, because I rarely get them, but that one just totally pissed me off! /end rant

This morning we were going to go eat at the chinese buffet and we couldn’t get the car to start. Apparently crappy battery and the cold weather last night drained it. Luckily one of our neighbors helped with getting the car started and the battery charged up enough!

Right now I am just sitting here watching some Sabrina on netflix and seeing what I feel like getting into!  Just wanted to write a  few lines 🙂