I got our power bill today…and whoa what a shock… i mean i knew it would go up because of all the fans and ac but damn…

well i log on to the bank website to see what was what. I figured we had about 300 bucks…WRONG we only have 135..because DAVID cannot seem to freakin comprhend that we need things like FOOD before we need stuff like cd’s and eating out with his parents (and apparently paying for thier food as well)

I honestly DO NOT know how we will make it the next two weeks *he gets paid tuesday*

my insurance, rent, phone and utilities have to come out of that check! then theres gonna have to be gas bought for the car as well. I guess ramen noodles will become VERY popular around here

I just dont understand why we cannot get a handle on our money. well I do understand, but I dont know why he doesnt. there are charges on the account that are totally out there. and hes lying about how much he spends places, and its getting on my nerves.

and he thinks he is gonna go to a concert this weekend. for the love of GOD i dont freakin think so

ever since i found out all this i’ve had a headache and cant get nothing done. I started my etsy site and i put my text entry book on ebay. just pray something sells