Towing, never a good thing

I , for one know all about having to have your car towed, but I hadn’t ever really thought about people having to use rv towing before! I know that in the last 4 years (notice how that coincides with getting with david have had to have my car towed for
1. my white car when the radiator blew up and david kept driving..they towed it here and then i sent them on the way to my parents with it.
2. the burgandy car right after we got it..I was out with mom and dad, david had it…the alternator went out on it.. had to have it called in to be towed by the police…costed a fortune..wasn’t even that far. ugh!
3.last summer on the way home from my great grandmothers funeral the burgandy car. some sort of radiator thing. we got it cooled down and stopped every few miles and just made it on home. probably should have had it towed.
4. last fall before we moved the gray car broke town up here..of course this is when we lived down the road. had to get dad to come up here come get me and then have it towed

so yeah towing is just never a good thing 🙁 at least my insurance mostly pays my towing back..