Traveling..I would like to DO IT!

I have always wanted to travel more than what I do!  I am not just talking about traveling to virginia/tennesee …I am talking about traveling to somewhere “far” away.

A few places come to mind are England…I heard about this study abroad program one time when I was in high school and it sounded SO VERY AWESOME. you even got to go to a party in a castle or something like that. of course, it wasn’t something we could afford but it was still a dream of mine! Of course with my naturally curly hair would FLIP out in that weather! with all that rain and such!

Another place I would like to go to is Ireland! I think it’s because of my family heriatge.. my moms family is irish mostly, and I just adore the idea of  visiting it. It seems enchanted in a way that I can’t begin to even explain! I don’t know I just think GREEN lol… and it doesn’t have anything to do with st. patricks day.. just it seems so LUSH there! maybe someday!

My final place that I have semi wanted to visit sometime is Canada!I haven’t really came to a conclusion as to WHY i would want to visit just seems so close ..but yet so far away. of course my girl michelle is from there.. hee hee.and hey I might even get to canada and decide to stay! then i’d be looking into houses for rent in Calgary

I think that is a reason that i would like to travel more..both foreign and domestic is to meet up with people that I know online…at least a few of them!

Who knows where the road might take me traveling and even where I might live one of these days. Kind of an exciting thought! 🙂


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    I love traveling! You really should get out there while you are still young. I’ve been to Korea, Spain, france, Italy, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam. And I still really want to go to Germany, Mexico and like you Canada!

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    I want to travel as well! We have a study abroad (or even an intern one) at my current school and one is in England and I would LOVE to go. If I go, you can come with me 😉 Also Ireland sounds fun and Canada! I almost went to Canada once with family but we ended up not going.