Trolls Don’t always come from the blogging first experience in that regard!

Today is FLYING by.. It might be because I have been keeping myself busy and the fact I talked for over an hour to my mom on the phone lol I just had a lot to ramble about this morning. Apparently- even going on a companies facebook page and warning others to steer clear sends out troll nichole vibes! I am not talking about when i say I am Nichole the troll with the troll hair and belly button ring- I mean vindictive folks with nothing better to do with their time than harass others online!Of course I have had several bloggers not like me in he past , and have fell out of friendship and have done some weird random stuff but…this kind of takes the cake and is very tame in retrospect

There is a company I have been having issues with and as a warning to to others I wrote my experience (I actually have an HUGE blog post written in drafts about everything that I am weary to post- you will see why) on their facebook page in hopes of getting the eyes of someone higher up to see it. They have been supposed to contact me for days but still haven’t.. Anyways this particular company has a TON of complaints right there on the FB page- similar to mine and some different…but all bad!

Anyways the post had been up since Tuesday and the issue as far as being paid for and done was complete Wed. Last night though I started having all these comments pop up that we nothing but negative and quickly escalated to nasty and viscous and they wouldn’t stop! Now I have been trolled by fellow bloggers and such over the years but this just had a total different feel to it.Like I say there are TONS of similar comments there and the only comments under them are from the company asking them to message them with further info. There is also a few 3rd party sites out there with hundreds if not thousands of experiences that are not favorable at least about this company.

However, something about mine just brought on about 6 or more folks acting like – well I don’t even know the correct words for it.  I tried to ignore.. i tried to respond and they just kept on and and on and on. I was called names and everything. I reported some of the stuff to facebook apparently though harassment and calling names is not a violation of their terms. I finally just deleted the thread after I tried to take some screen shots. It really kind of freaked me out because I think I actually got someone that worked at the company in trouble and they were out for a slam fest.

The only thing I can figure is I got someone in trouble and /or people that worked for that company in general made fake accounts and started a flame war.. most of them had just a handful of friends if any. I kept it.. clean…but it left the oddest feeling with me. One thing I don’t like is this company knows not only where I live- and has been to my house more than once and they also know where David works. .. and its just an eerie feeling! Like i said the account at this place has been paid off but I don’t have any paper work that specifically says the account is paid off.. just a receipt that says the amount we paid- they could always come back and try to start something.

I will more than likely make the post with the full story but.. I am a little uneasy about it because I am afraid of more retaliation. Apparently I hit a nerve somewhere you know? Honestly, my whole thing was just to post there like several before me and I didn’t expect all the hoo-ha. I think it was when I said I was a blogger and I would blast it on social media and thats where all this has came into play. I really just want to warn others,but am a bit concerned for my own safety of sorts at this point!

well.. I will come at you with a “regular” post here in a few.. I just wanted to get that out no matter how vague it was …