Trying something from Pinterest!(1)

I am trying something from PINTEREST today! That’s right from all that obsessive pinning I figure I best try something for once. Which it isn’t that I Haven’t tried anything from there before but it didn’t turn out so well!

SO what is it that i’m trying? A recipe? A craft? a general idea?

Recipe Wins!

I happen to LOVE cube steak. Which apparently makes me odd because from what I have saw people are all “it’s tough” and what not. which, I mean it’s not like the most tender thing ever but ..I don’t know ….anyways…

I usually have it breaded and pan fried and with brown gravy and potatoes.. oh wow excuse me while I wipe off the keyboard lol j/k

this time around i’m trying it in my crockpot! I seriously ADORE my crockpot and I don’t get to use it as much as I want to because I don’t quite know that many recipes.

this is the recipe I am trying


So far’s about 30 minutes in and I think it needs more water ..I also am using about 3 packs of meat that were from where someone in our family had some meat processed..Which means I couldn’t tell how many pieces were in each pack lol.

The last recipe I tried on pinterest was a crockpot buffalo chicken and pasta and it turned out horribly …I should have guessed noodles were going to turn out wrong and the chicken too spicy!


Heres to hoping that this one turns out better!!


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    I used to love cubed steak years ago. I would just make them normally with steak sauce and do baked potatoes. Adam doesn’t like cubed steak so I haven’t had it in forever! Hope it turns out good 🙂