Tuesday 10 # 9 with @TheBESociety: June Goals (With Linky)


Wow I can’t believe it is Tuesday 10 time again! This week we are focusing on goals for the month of June!

KinkyCherries: Tuesday 10

1. Do a 30 Day June Blog Writing Challenge. I love those things!

2. Spend time with my family in Virginia

3. Start planning my meals/Eating out only once or twice a month!(We had one month free rent here, so now things will start getting tight( I have a whole list of things that I have everything that I need to make /most everything that I need to make.

4. start spending some time at the pool …mostly just laying in the sun and reading/listening to music

5. Start working out a little bit. We have a fitness room here and I would love to loose some of this stomach!

6.Shape up the subpages on here. Especially the about me, media kit, and Fur babes pages

7. Straighten BE up as well. Come up with some new activities,etc that is a huge list and I can’t do it a month lol but at least I can start!

8. At the same time I would like to get things scheduled up online in advance so I am not sitting online so much of my day. I am feeling the internet burnout coming on strong and I would like to prevent that

9. Read more. I need to work on my Kindle a bit πŸ™‚

10. Try to get some sort of paid work/reviews going on again . I don’t want a lot but I do want to dip my toes back in a tiny bit. Otherwise I would love to try to find something very parttime and simple local that I could just make a tiny bit of money ..I tried pitching the apartment place here but they totally didn’t read my email so that sucked πŸ™


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    Hi Nicole, I saw your June list on the Link Up on Driftwood Gardens. So much to do, so little time. Baby steps is what I say. Good luck meeting your goals.


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    Good luck on your June goals. I need to sit down and make my own list – there’s so much to get done!!

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    I suck at making goals- because I never keep them. Then there’s all this pressure about keeping them!
    Maybe I can make one goal for June and go from there! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    I think it’s great that you make monthly goals like that. I wish I could do that, but most of the time, I make weekly goals. I don’t know if I could handle a month.

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    Definitely love your goal of spending more time at the pool πŸ™‚ How can you go wrong with that! We meal plan and it helps us a LOT in avoiding those last minute “grab food out” issues that tend to pack on the pounds. Good luck with your meal planning!