Tuesday 10- June Goals

t10newcenteredThis week we are already talking about JUNE GOALS! I cannot believe it! I don’t even think I accomplished any of my MAY GOALS lol. Actually, May was a pretty productive month and I did get a few things done that I wanted!Β  let’s see what I can come up with for june:

1. Take more pics- I have got really slack with pics lately it seems. I like to update my instagram once a day. might I repeat to myself the idea of of a photo a day challenge or something like that?

2.I am hoping that by the time June comes around I only have 2 reviews to write ..I need to take it down a notch with reviews for a little while πŸ™‚ or not have them clumped so far together

3.START TANNING- I need lotion and goggles at this point. If i don’t start I think I am just gonna go see if we can get the money back

4. blog from the patio πŸ™‚ it is always something I have said I wanted to do. Just on cooler days or in the evenings. David says he is gonna get me margarita makings so I can chill out there all day lol.

5. Do whatever I can to keep up with Grocery shopping. David gets paid 3 times this month so I hope I can snag a bit of that middle check to keep us going!

6. Back to a relaxing bedtime routine- tv, bubble baths, reading.. etc this also includes going to bed at a “normal” time even though my schedule seems to scream at me to stay up late and such this summer.. I am trying to reverse it

7. Write several things for SBS & Help promote others things on Social Media

8. work on my VA stuff and whatnot on SB- but only if I get to renew SB which is kinda.. not looking promising right now

9. Do better with keeping my emails cleaned out. AR domain email is always a hot mess.. i get about 300 spams A DAY πŸ™

10. Spend some time at the pool?