Tuesday 10- Summer Bucket List


Things I want to do this summer? sure let me lay it on ya’ll lol

1. Mountain Trip to Boone & Parkway- Def. going to happen at some point- I don’t know the last time we did get to go

2. Go to my Grandmas for a few days- this one will readily be taken care of by the end of this month because of Fathers day and our Anniversary- but I would like to maybe take a time and go when EVERYONE isn’t going to be there.

3. Spend some time at the Pool /On the Patio just taking it easy. Seriously- I just want a CHILL summer and not one where I never get a minute to myself

4. READ MORE- I finished all of the pretty little liars books, so I need to maybe find something to hold my interest which is a little harder now that I am older- I don’t like “new” books lol

5. Start playing Hay Day Again- one of my favorite mindless sorts of things to do.. I was really into it again back earlier in the year- I like doing it when I don’t feel like doing anything else lol

6. Find some local activities that I can do and blog about

7. Spend some time up at the lake with David like we were doing back in the spring

8.Find some sort of other offline hobby- been saying that a while but still haven’t quite figured out what it should be lol

9. Try to do some organizing and cleaning out of stuff – especially clothes!

10. Eat lots of icecream and drink tons of slushies 🙂