Tuesday 10- Week of April 21 2014 Celebrity Crushes(with Linky)


I am partcipating in the Tuesday Ten again this week that Fiona from Kinky-Cherries is hosting. This weeks Theme is Celebrity Crushes.  It looks like we are supposed to pick 5 ladies and 5 guys. This will probably end up being a nightmare for me lol. I probably didn’t spell most of them right either ;)Soe


1.Leighton Meister (blair, gossip girl)

2. Lucy Hale (Aria, Pretty Little Liars)

3. Troian Bellasario (Spencer, Pretty little liars)





1. Benjamin Mackenzie (Ryan , The OC)

2. Ed Westwick (Chuck, Gossip Girl)

3.  Eric Martslof (Brady, Days of our lives)

3. James Scott (EJ Days of our lives



See I told you I wouldn’t be able to come up with 5 in each category lol


  1. says

    I am just on s6 of gossip girl and yeah to agree with Chuck – something about him 🙂 thank you for linking up 🙂