Tuesday Ten: 10 Things you are loving right now editon

t10newcenteredThis weeks Topic is “10 Things You are loving right now” I am writing this one early and I will link up and all that as soon as I have that information πŸ™‚

Luckily I am in a really good mood right now so this one should be really easy to write πŸ™‚

1. My Playon/One Channel service. Seriously i need to write you all a post about the amazing that is playon & one channel one of these days! put it simply- any show I want to watch with a few exceptions for $20 a year.

2. My Fur Babes- Though sam is about to be on my list… he keeps hoping my bedside table at night. my list is a piece of paper with the name sam on it.. lol

3. reviews are really picking up for me πŸ™‚ it keeps me busy!

4. blogging in general– I feel all inspired YAY

5.my and charli’s new project Social Blogging Society– I hope it starts picking up!

6.David– sorta kinda lol.

7. warmer weather – though it went from cool to freakin’ scorching. just remember I don’t sleep in the summer and I hate heat. I am not one of those folks who complain in the winter so.. yeah. It is tons easier to burrow and get warm than it is to get cool.Seriously you just think I have messed up sleep in the winter/fall/spring.. Summer is a whole other story lol

8. the site redesigns on AR and SB πŸ™‚

9. My new blogger cards– did i ever share a pic? Even though I did mess up on a couple things- they are still awesome.. and ps: they aren’t really PINK.. they are a purple color- purple is haunting me lately. I need to write a post lol

10. Sabrina the teenage witch– thats my current tv show poison. I just hate the later seasons when there is JOSH and she is at college. BLAH but I watch anyways!