Tuesday Ten: FREEBIE so I chose: 10 Goals for Blogging/Sites/Online

Tues10textI am A Day late with this but since I was having server issues…we’ll let it go right? 🙂


Alright, yeah yeah BE Society is no more but this is kind of an “in keeping the spirit” thing that I use this banner. That and.. I like it and I made it .. and I CAN lol. Plus, I participate in Tuesday 10 with former members of BE so…

This weeks Tuesday 10 for us was a freebie so.. I decided to do it as Goals for Blogging/My Site(s)/Online

1. I would LOVE to get Southern-Belle up and going!

2.Update My Media Kit for AR(numbers, my new images on it)

3.  Button & Signature for AR

4. Totally clean out my email- Forward important stuff from AR to GMAIL In case something were to go crazy

5. Keep working on my sidebar- I am loving it so far. .same goes for footers!

6. Update subpages- ugh.. lol

7. Work some on my moms page- which might be moving to southern-belle (I think it would fit better there in the long run

8. Evolve my posts to maybe recipes and what not at some point.. something I consider but not sure about just yet

9.Maybe work on doing VA on Southern Belle

10. Whatever else I left out.. which is a lot I am sure 🙂