tummy virus sucks


Sorry I haven’t written but at least I have a good excuse: ever since sunday I have had some kind of stomach virus. omg. I am so ready for it to be over. It has taken alot out of me!

Plus I was just finishing up my girly time, and i’m fighting off some kind of wicked little runny nose/throat thing.YUCK!

I have a few reviews, 1 in particular that I need to get up ASAP but I don’t think it will be today. I don’t think i’m going to be doing much of anything this evening, except crawling in my bed and sleeping till tomorrow. Hopefully I might be able to comment and that type of thing though…

Jason came to visit yesterday! It was awesome of coruse. I hadn’t got to see him in like 3 months! He actually stayed a fairly decent amount of time too.Miracles of all Miracles he didnt get called into work. He only left because we were getting these wicked storms, and we knew that up in the mountains it would be worse/they were working on the road soo. I can’t wait for him to come back..hope he might get to start visiting more offten. He owes me a lunch!!

The screen came out of the kitchen window today…. don’t know how. Then i went to start dinner and the kitchen light was blowed. We have some weird ass light bulb in that kitchen , I don’t even know where the hell you would find that kind at. Plus I bet if you did find it, it would cost a pretty penny.UGH!!

David got paid today, but of course it was spent before we even got it. I really wish he’d mention to betty (our rent lady) that his hours got cut. I can almost bet if he did she’d drop rent from 450 to 425 or maybe 400. Sometimes I really wish it was more practical for me to have a job, but it really isn’t. I have been doing paid surveys, plus I have money saved from yardsales, cleaning apartments, and some misc. money. I am fully willing to help out, but david never wants to accept my help…

He feels that the bills are his responsibility..of course if it gets down to it, he will. but not until then.Of course I did get tmobile to drop our 90 *yes 90* bill down to 52. I made them give me a data/messaging only plan. don’t ask me how I convinced them to do that for a 2 month old mytouch 3g slide, but I did. lol I think 90 was extremely ridculous to start with. I never use the minutes because I am on my uncles add a line on verizon for 10 bucks. it includes 1400 minutes and everyone is pretty much favorites or mobile to mobile (mom , grandma) soo..

This is David’s last full week of work. I don’t really know what kind of schdule he will end up with. I figure it will be fridays off. That should be..interesting .. lol

I was hoping to go to the bar for halloween, and wear my costume but I don’t see it happening. We really don’t have the money, and I really am not into drinking that much lately. Maybe if we just went there and played pool? I don’t know. we will have to see how it goes.

well i’m out. got to try to *atempt* to vaccum this rug in the living room before david gets home in a few min. Hopefully I will pick up some energy and accomplish a little something today?? I hope.

If anyone has a review i could post at review central please let me know!