Turning 30..Just another Day!

Howdy There Everyone!

Today is my 30th birthday, but I mean it is a weekday and David has to work so.. just another day to me lol. Maybe we can “celebrate” this weekend or something but if not, it really doesn’t matter to me. I haven’t much cared about my birthday in many years. We had cake at my moms and I have some in a container that I brought home and I got a few things from my mom so..it’s all good.

I am sure David will bring me a tiny something home when he gets off work. Heck I still have a gigantic hello kitty balloon he got me for valentines day 🙂

I slept really well last night , but I made the mistake of course of going back to sleep when David left for work..Oh I so cannot wait for that time change so I can do so much better with staying up!

Right now I am loading up on coffee and trying to figure out what I want to get into today.. always have laundry, dishes and a rug to vacuum lol. That is the viscous never ending cycle for sure..I am hoping that my hair gets dry enough to re straighten too. I needed to get it cut over the weekend and I ended up not because I quit drinking soda (again) last thursday so I have been having some wicked headaches, and I didn’t feel like anyone messing with my hair.

Well I am out …gotta take Marley out and then ???

Later Gators