twice in one day..ack!!


Blogging twice in one day + a review..are you dying of shock yet?

When david came home we went out to walmart and to eat at the subway inside of our walmart. I was happy I don’t think i’d been out of the house in ..well i think since my mom came over last week. what day was that? um.. i can’t even remember lol. i think it was wed…

so I was happy!

I have had some stupid rash for a while now. I thought that it was razr burn and some dry skin but now i’m thinking i might even have soap burn now on my back because i’ve took so many baths n showers to quit itching and used alot of cetaphil soap!

I taught david how to play rummy on saturday. well actually ..i’d already semi taught him before and he wanted to play so.. yeah. lol. my mom had helped me teach him. anyways weirdest game ever..we ran OUT of cards..i don’t even know lol

We had a really delicous dinner saturday as well. some really good steaks and veggies. we hadn’t had steak in a long time…

I got really drunk friday…i make a bad “drunk drunk” person… i get REALLY paranoid and scared and freaked out lol. I hardly ever have that happen..but lo and behold i did this time. i really don’t drink other than being at the house so..not to scary I had david with me but..yeah I hate when that happens..

I got alot done today by my recent standards. I worked a little on grits, a little here (2 blogs and a review) and commented a few ppl (most everyone actually) then I have washed all the dishes , cleaned the bathroom a bit and straightened in the living room…and..done some clothes. ha ha. I hope to just really get some more done at the site & reviews and the like tomorrow..should be very chill…

i got a HUGE package from eden fantasys today I ordered a tote bag *(because if you have a reusable tote bag at cvs with one of these little tags (they cost 99 cent but i got 99 cent back in register rewards) you get $1 in register rewards every 4th visit …) basically an incentive to use reusable bags. So i got one of those, a liberator heart pillow (red) liberator posh throw(Red) and a butt plug..:)

I hope to get up a post tomorrow of some of the awesome samples i have got in the mail lately. (heres a preview w/out pics.. pyrex potholder, a target beauty bag and tide stain release tabs!) but yes check back for the pics and more details!

I want to update my toybox.(way behind) and even work on some new pages /editing pages if i can. one of my new goals is to put as many pics in my posts as i can.. we’ll see how it goes

well i’m out for now. gonna make a baked potatoe and watch american dreams


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    i think my best blogging record was once a day for a week back in the first days of blogging! Ehehehehe 🙂 (i’m so lazy and find little time to write these days! I stuck to 2 posts a week now)

    Ah when i get drunk i usually fall asleep – and that can happen ANYWHERE i think even if i’m driving! It gets me hyper for a little while then hello dreamland xD! Hehe

    Hope your rash gets better soon 🙁 try some calamine lotion? that really soothes!