Twitter/4 Years Past/Misc

Twitter is seriously pissing me off.
For the last few months, I have gotten friends requests in my email, went to approve them…and they weren’t there. well I hadn’t really given it too much thought…until I got two requests from people I knew that were trying to follow me (before i thought it was people who changed their minds or whatever)

Apparently…. this is a known issue for people who are not on the public timeline (ie, private) like myself. I have went back to the public timeline to see if maybe the requests will pop back up. …. hopefully!

Today was a good day. i’m not sure. there isn’t any particular reason… i was a little nostalgic in a way, because I was thinking today made 4 years since I left appalachian. lol turns out yesterday was 4 years. I had forgotten I didn’t stay the last day!!

That was in retrospect a very sad day. I didn’t realize that when i left that day, i’d never be back (or at least back to stay)

I remember there was gonna be this huge concert at the school that night …and I was planning to go, even if i had to go alone ( my boyfriend at the time, tim had been M.I.A for like two weeks!) I remember jason was gonna come up and go with me, but I just got impatient and bored. Had I have known that was the last time i’d be free, single and have that chance to be by myself i’d have stayed that last night!

I remember waking up, thinking about it for a minute and running to the kitchen to finish packing anything i hadn’t already packed…and just kept going and loading the car. I remember everything all empty in my room and walking out that last time. its just chilling really. I miss that life a hell of alot sometimes!

I also had another important milestone last week on the 22nd that I’m not gonna say..but whoa can’t believe it has been 6 years since that happened!!

I morphed into psycho cleaning girl about 2 today. I mopped the bathroom,cleaned the toilet, sink and tub. mopped the kitchen, (and swept),cleaned some counters/stove/dishes and made the bed. i know prob doesnt sound like a lot but i seriously scrubbed. lol. I also straightened up the living room a bit as well. now if i could just get some things organized and finish washing clothes!

Right now i’m fighting off the urge to nap SO BAD. from 6-8 I can’t hardly ever stay awake 🙁 i don’t know why!!and right now its only 525 so its hitting me early!

well i’m off to try to keep myself awake..