um.cute.but psycho

I REALLY REALLY want to do a v-log. it would take an eternity to upload it for some reason though! I did better on dialup for some reason when it comes to video uploading. UGH!!

I started to post at lights again! I had missed that board over the last few months. it is just SO active and everyone is beyond friendly to me over there 🙂 its awesome.

I couldn’t go online today, because something went wonky with the netbook/hd2 tethering, and the phone had to be reset. I really didn’t do much today, even though I have been awake since like 4 a.m!

I got up around 7 and just lounged till 10ish. then I morphed into some cleaning freak cleaned the living room, finally got into my room and cleaned up my closet!! this is the first time its been clean n clear since we moved in. I also cleaned up a tiny bit in the kitchen and bathroom.

I am trying to get some rest one way or another, or i’m gonna seriously LOOSE IT. i’m gonna take some benadryl soon and see how that goes. I really wanted to finish doing my hair but eh… see i straightened it mostly, but the back looks…eh.. lol

well i’m out for now… more latter!