I pulled a muscle in my neck about 2:30 a/m this morning. i was laying facing left and went to turn right and BAM it happened. it made the most sickening sound when it happened. it sounds just like in the movies when they twist someones head.ick.

there wasnt much i could do for it at 3 a.m and not much i can do for it now. my mom came over and popped it, but it has already set up sore so boo. advil. heat packs and warm showers is all i got !

I have to say though it isn’t as bad as the time i pulled those ribs out. at least i can breath!!the oddest thing is that i can lay on the side that hurts but i cant lay on the opposite side!

i was trying to take a nap but of course noone wants me till i get asleep! i was hoping i’d get some rest because sunday night i didn’t sleep well because my tummy was mad, and then i didnt sleep good last night because of this. maybe i’ll have more luck later this evening!

i need to try to wash the dishes and go through another bag of summer clothes but i don’t see it happening!!

more lates