up early again

i’m on a new sleeping pattern where i want to get up early. sleep in the afternoon and stay up at night. go figure! things are never dull with me, for sure!

this morning i was totally on a Flip This Blog mode …so I just went ahead and got up and started to work on that. I actually found a theme I liked pretty much from the getgo which never happens. Then I started weeding out links. The people i have deleted either a. didn’t link me back b.haven’t talked to me on twitter in months/haven’t updated their site in months or C. don’t ever come by and comment. I left a few ppl that were close to getting deleted but..for the most part it’s complete. If you ever want to be re-added i’m easy to deal with!

speaking of links.does anyone know the name of that wp plugin where you can have random links display and not that whole big stream over there? let me know i’d appreciate it.

I might work on editing some subpages/adding some but we’ll have to see.

I have TWO reviews to write then i’m basically caught up. gonna try to get them up here in a bit but i’m not sure ..

I was shocked that the other day after I updated, to find out google PR updated and i’m now at a 3! that and my alexa is well under 200,000 .. good week site wise!

Yesterday i went to my moms ….she had came over saw my roku and promptly bought one of her own. ha ha. i went and helped her set it up since there were lots of numerical codes involved with setting up various accounts. she gets numbers backwards sometimes!

well you’ll prob be hearing for me after while. just wanted to write a quick little post!