very blah boring post


not alot going on here since I wrote last!  Just basically been sitting around watching netflix (thanks playstation store for being down so I can’t do Hulu Plus yet) and enjoying the dsl. We have decided to get the faster internet that is 5 bucks more a month and it should be here wed!

One of my new things is hunting for days of our lives old clips & video montages that people have made and watching them. You know. Like I don’t procrastinate writing reviews and cleaning and the likes enough as it is!

Today we went to my mom & dad’s for a cookout. it was pretty chill, and nothing to really write about since it was just my parents  and me & david..

I did upload a few videos from my flip cam of sam yesterday, to youtube..if you wanna check those out. my link to my youtube is over on the sidebar. I hope to make more videos since i’ll be able to actually upload them now!

This is a fairly dull post I realize but I felt the need to write something to communicate that i’m alive if anyone cares lol.

well i’m out for now… better post later i promise 🙂


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    Yay your still alive lol been neglecting commenting on everyones blogs, .o excuses really 🙂 hope all is well x

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    Ah, I love watching old Days clips. I find it so amazing how so much happens in 7 years. I always laugh and tell my Mom how all Soap characters should have some sort of diseases from sleeping with so many people.