Vile Pollen & Blasted Time Change

Hi, What’s going on everyone. I don’t have much going on in my world…I swear I have hit the most boring spell known to man..BLAH! I do the same things at the same time EVERY day pretty much lately, and nothing changes. Makes for boring blog posts for sure, that is why I have been laying pretty low lately!

Today my mom is coming over …since she is abandoning me for the weekend to go to my grandparents in va. I sure wish I could go, but .. yeah… not going to happen. David could have stayed here and had his brother over or whatever and just let me go..but nah.. that won’t ever happen right?

I don’t actually know WHY she is coming over other than to take me tanning. Usually she comes to tote me around to the stores or to pay a bill or something as well. The only thing I need is to get Sam some food, and that is it. Tanning & Sam food…I know she wanted me to look at southernsavers website for harris teeter to see if I wanted anything from there..I half skimmed 2 of the 3 lists and didn’t really see anything.

I wish I did. We could def. use some snack food …ALWAYS…I am in a food strike. There is absolutely NOTHING I want to eat /make to eat. It SUCKS. I can’t ever seem to come up with dinner anymore..which reminds me .. gotta find something for dinner today ugh.

Actually since this blasted time change.. plus david working later/getting home later.. my eating patterns have changed and by 3 p/m i am so hungry my head hurts and I just have to go ahead and when he gets home i’m not hungry anyways. I wish there was some sort of things I could make JUST FOR HIM that way I don’t have to worry about food going to waste (he doesn’t eat leftovers. ever.) and that way I do have something to make… my mom makes fish/fries whatever for my dad like ALL THE TIME and he doesn’t mind while she just eats a sandwich or something. David isn’t like that. It really sucks.

I need to remember to take an allergy pill here in a min. I already see that vile pollen all over everything.. BLAH. I no sooner get over cold season and. Bam.. yeah.. ughhh

I know davids bro will be dragging over this weekend…so I may or may not be on more.. hope to hear from ya’ll soon.