waiting for the mail & pics included!

hello my bebes!!
right now i’m sitting here ready to pounce joyce, my mail lady as soon as she pulls in the driveway!! my eden fantasys package arrived at the post office at 6:16 this morning!! These items were items I got with my gift cards & contributor labor day discount of 30%(and i ended up owing a little bit, but it is all good!)

I would have gotten a few things done yesterday (perhaps even updated and such) if david wouldn’t have called me at 11:00 and said he was coming home early. I took a shower/did my hair put on nice clothes and everything so we could go to the store and …sat around till like 1:30 and realized he must have not gotten off (I figured he’d left around 1230 and went to walmart or something)

we ended up going to walmart and we were gonna go to aldis & bilo but i have been having sharp pain in my left side so I decided to just come home. I am hoping it might just be a kidney infection. I just want to say if it was in my right side i’d be in the emergency room, which is saying alot, because I can take pain really well!

So since i’ve felt like crap ever since i got back from the mountains on sunday, the house is falling into a big mess. see everytime i do really good,its followed by a period where i can’t get anything done lol. meh. thats the way it goes I suppose!

I am proud of this however

I wanted to add it to flickr but since everyone on gods green earth goes there in my family I don’t feel like anyone finding me and reading my stuff especially since i’m public! i’d go back private but ….there was some sort of follower issue sooo…plus then they might find my site and read all my sex toy reviews lol. :)I do have a cousin who knows I do it, which she’s 19 and she’s never told a word of anything i’ve ever told her as a “secret” to anyone so i’m not worried!

Speaking of my cousin(Amber) she sent me this as a text the other night(she works for a survey taking place ..they don’t like to be called telemarketers because they don’t sell anything ) and this showed up on her screen!
Can't Make This Up!

she said thankfully, ding dong wasn’t home lol.

well i’m out for now. don’t know what the world i might get into today. probably get at least one review up today!! i’ll catch you all after while…