Waiting on An Apt Inspection- Whatever that is lol

DRlogofor AR

Hey Everyone!

Well.. I am up bright and early because I have NO CLUE when they are coming to do this stinkin’ apartment inspection that I find absolutely ridiculous to start with! I have rented for 8 years- well honestly longer than that- even at nit picky off campus housing in college- and they never even did anything like this!  The things on the list that they are checking for are things that if I honestly had a problem with I would have already reported so.. I don’t get it. I figure that they are bored and don’t have anything better to do honestly lol. Before anyone says something sarcastic, I do realize that this is more common than what I am used to I just find it totally ..I don’t even know what the right word is!  They have already been in here twice recently to mess around in the water heater closet so ?? I guess we will see.

I am trying to do a picture a day challenge on instagram for this month, as well as a writing challenge here on the blog. I want to do one for Southern-Belle- because god knows it needs lovin’ but I just didn’t find the one that I was planning to use all that .. exciting for it. I might just go back through some old ones I have done here and just hodge podge something together though.

I am honestly not sure what we are going to do today just yet- I do have tickets to Daughtry tonight at Carowinds and I do need to go make our physical seasons pass but we have all weekend so.. I am not really sure. The weather is being a bit sketchy, but then again I have never been to carowinds and not had it rain so.. but I don’t like actual storms that much. Luckily even though it would be stormy Marley will be at moms so I don’t have to worry about that. It really just depends on when they get this inspection business over with and how we feel. I am going to get my mom to make us some sandwiches and stuff and put in my cooler for us to eat if we do end up going.

WE changed browsers – well David did so I lost some of my important links for things, so I am trying to scour around and find them back. Firefox had got PAINFULLY slow ..UGH! lots of crashes and whatnot too!

Well I am off here to ?? I guess grab a snack/coffee and see what I can get into

Later Gators…