Warm Weather & Feeling inspired

Howdy There Folks!!

So I am coming out of my funk rather nicely! I am feeling more inspired as far as online things go at least! I just know I have to be busy with doing something or my mind really goes all bah humbug and with me taking time off from blogging it probably wasn’t the best of ideas…or at least taking a break for as long as I did wasn’t such a hot idea.

I have been attending the Social Online Conference, and I am going to be helping over at Better Blogger Network as well…I would like to get back into reviewing and get some things cleaned up and updated here, and of course work my tale off on BE!

I also dragged myself into my closet last thursday and managed to clean out a tub of stuff for the yardsale that my mom is wanting to have, and that was just a tip of the iceberg what I could do in about a 2 hour time frame when the urge struck me!

Saturday we went to my moms and got my windshield replaced and I got my birthday cake and whatnot. It sucks to have a birthday this year that will fall on a tuesday for sure!

David and I are trying to find something close by that we can go and do just to get away for a few hours..something different that we haven’t done in a long time or maybe even ever. We found an aquarium that just opened up so we might try to go do that one day. We were thinking this weekend but we would want to leave Marley with his dad, and his dad is going out of town this week so..that might not quite pan out!

My hard drive in my white HP laptop pretty much went out friday so that sucks! I am having it looked at on this coming friday so I will know more in the way of if things can be recovered and what not..

Today is 60+ degrees and I have the windows open.. I think this warm weather is agreeing well with me!
Well, I just wanted to say Hi…I am gonna go start some laundry and see what else I can throw myself into today..Gonna have to get some caffeine too!