Wedding Memories :)

this post was originally written as a sponsred post. someone contacted me to write about a wedding site & insert a keyword. I wrote this up and then was told basically that they “changed their minds”, because they didn’t think that this would fit on my site! It is about Me & David, and guess what my site is about? ME first and foremost. Instead of letting the post go to waste, I decided to to take out the key words /name of site I was writing for and put it up  anyways!

Many of you know I met David in January 2007, got engaged in Feb. 2007 and got married in June 2007 ! So needless to say I planned my wedding in a HURRY! I actually had very little to do with the actual planning, as I was working 5 days a week for 10 hours or more a day. I picked my preacher (my great uncle) My location (grandparents) and I already had my dress before I even met him! (Thrift shop= 17 bucks!|) I had my mom to do the rest! I was also under lots of stress with trying to get things packed, find a place to live and dealing with the whole HPV/Cervical  Cancer situation!
We had a very casual affair, with almost everything donated by various family members. I’m talking from the cake, to the reception food. I tied it in with our family reunion so that I could have many members of the family to be at my wedding that might not have otherwise got to attend.My invitations were printed at home, my flower arrangements and corsages were made by my mom( I think all together we might have spent out of pocket 150 and that’s it! and that included my tiara thingy I bought at walmart and a 20 buck bunch of flowers I bought premade!)
I did overlook A LOT of random not so noticeable details that I wish I would have NOT overlooked. They weren’t MAJOR things, but things that would have maybe made the day be a little bit more personal.
When I go to sites and see wedding magazines *yes I still look at them lol* and see items like Personalized Napkins, it makes me a little sad that I didn’t have those! I mean we had cute favors and my wedding programs.. .which got sat off to the side on a random table and mostly got overlooked until the very end after alot of people had already left (I made them bags of goodies and sent them with various people after the fact, to make sure that they got them!)
I think having cute little goodies with the bride and grooms names on them and the date, maybe in a particular color /theme is such a cute tradition, and I wish I would have got to have more of that type of thing at my own wedding. Who knows, one day we might do a renewal ceramony and get to plan it out more in depth!