weekend didn’t start well

This weekend didn’t start out so well…

Friday I realized that i forgot that my phone minutes were up as of midnight! I have a Virgin Mobile pay as you go piece of crap…well we really didn’t have the money to put on it, because we had misbudgeted! GRR. It was semi important for me to have it just so I have access to a phone on monday when david is gone to work. I tried to whore out autumn-rain & grits-reviews to get someone to buy paid advertising but no luck! So I guess I’ll just be w/out a phone until tuesday 🙁 (Because I’d rather be able to get some food and other stuff we need for the weekend!)

Then, Friday evening we went to turn our heat, and it wouldn’t come on! We had just used it on thursday…I know the bill is paid & the water heater works just fine (we have gas) Our piolot lite is auto, and it’s on the roof. Apparently there is something wrong with it. I still haven’t saw anyone to come fix it either! GRR..it’s been in the low 30’s too!  Thank GOD for heaters & electric blankets I suppose!

Yesterday was a little bit better …We went to walmart and later on my mom and dad came over for a while. Last night we had a fire in the firepit and just chilled. It was honestly fun to get off the computer and TALK and such! I swear I can’t believe how addicted I am to the internet sometimes. 🙁

I don’t have alot planned for today. I need to get a few reviews up on grits but ..nothing pressing. Also would like to comment and stuff, but we’ll see how it goes. I have to go get sam some food and i’m getting us wings and fries..and I might fry up some pickles too!

more later


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    It sucks when you don’t budget for things like that to happen! I know the feeling but it’s usually – crap, we need diapers! lol