weekends.always boring for me.

Not a lot been going on in my world (as usual!) Pretty boring weekend for the most part..I didn’t get the chance to go to my parents which sucks..I also had an ineradicable sensuous/ headache /earache /lack of energy thing which I haven’t had one of in years..they really suck and I start getting hot …I don’t know it isn’t easy to explain..and of course I was far away from home when it started..so by the time we got home I was in a horrible spot and had to go to bed and sleep for 3 hours..

… don’t know why I keep using dots lol. Apparently I haven’t fully woken up enough to form a real blog post! Go figure!

I hope that my allergies shape up and I have a better week than I have had the last little bit or I might go bananas! I have things I would like to get done here on this site, my other site and in the house as well!

well this was a short rambly little post but I wanted to post anyways! catch ya later